Classic Clapton

performed by After Midnight

Classic Clapton   
Mike Hall: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Dave Robson: Bass, Backing Vocals

Steve Hutchinson: Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Gregg Strettle: Drums

Mike Hall

Mike Hall

Lead Vocals/Guitar

Dave Robson

Dave Robson

Bass/Backing Vocals

Gregg Strettle   

Gregg Strettle


Stevie Hutch
Steve Hutchinson

Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Special thanks to:

Don Howells: Guitar Technician
John Wraith: Computer Wizard
Jill Bradnum: Web site Design.
Gareth Davies: EC webmaster, photographer & all round good egg!
Graham Oliver: Photography.
Susan Murdie: Live photography.
Grahame Jenkins: Live photography.
Simon Emmett: Live photography.
Adam Howells: Live photography & painting.

The following Musicians who have played in the band during it's 30 year history:- Lloyd Howell (drums), Danny Davison (drums), Ron Keelan (bass), John Forster (bass), Ray Snowdon (keyboards) and Mike Waller (keyboards).

And of course thank you to Eric Clapton for all the beautiful music he has given us

For information on After Midnight: Telephone +44 (0)7860 510 948 or click on the following link:- Email Classic Clapton