Classic Clapton

Estonia July 2004

Estonia poster

Topof the bill, with an international line-up!

Elva Arena

Elva Arena set in beautiful Estonian woodland, next to a tranquil lake.

Helsinki Airport

Relaxing at Helsinki Airport en route to Estonia.


Tallinn - this was the view from our hotel.

Jaak Vaha's hospitality

The night before the festival. Jaak Vaha shows the lads some true Estonian hospitality (and vodka).

Mike + fans

Mike meets two fans before the show.

Classic Clapton on stage

Finally - it's showtime!

Mike at Estonia Festival

Mike gives it all he's got.

Mike & John

No holds barred - a really amazing gig!

Estonia April 2007
Tartu poster 2007

Here we go again!

Vnemuise Concert Hall

Sound-checking at the lovely Vanemuise Concert Hall, Tartu.

Estonia TV interview

On Wed 4 April 2007 Mike appeared on Estonian breakfast TV. He sang an acoustic version of Layla and also did an interview. To watch a video of the full interview visit:-

Mike & Vello

Mike with our favourite Estonian promoter Vello Tellissaar.

John Forster caricature

Caricature drawn by scottish fan Jim Clark of John Forster our bass player. You will recognise the Estonian flag and also a bottle of Vodka on the amp - 'Ston' vodka made in Estonia.

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